6 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under 10000 That Will Protect Your Back

Whether you are working from home or office, Ergonomic Office Chairs are one of the best investments for your spine and back which can help you a great deal. You can get a wide range of Ergonomic Office Chairs in the business market today. You need to make the best investment in your office chair, as employees and office goers spend most of the time working and sitting on a chair. However many of us do not give importance to the type of Ergonomic Office Chairs that we would like to opt for. You need to understand the negative effects of choosing the wrong furniture for your back can affect you both mentally and physically. 

Before investing in one of the best qualities of office chairs, understanding the core benefits of it, is very important. You need to understand the fundamental uses of office chairs which will help in improving your productivity at work. Whether you are a businessman, professional, executive or employee of the company, improvement of productivity will help you in giving quality work for the clients. 

So Let’s explore the benefits of potential ergonomic office chairs which can help you beyond in your work and health 

What is ergonomics?

In simpler terms it is the study and design of equipment and devices to fit the human body and help in better movement.

Benefits of Ergonomic Office Chairs

Improve Posture
Yes, that’s true, ergonomic office chairs help in improving a person’s posture. When you have the correct posture, your body stays aligned and you experience no pain and discomfort.

Neck Support
All the ergonomic office chairs come with neck support and headrest for your neck and shoulders. This is very important for improving the circulation of your body.

Back support
Back support is equally important and one of the best key aspect of all ergonomic office chairs which can help you if you are confirmed for longer hours of work.

Hip Support
Selecting a well-padded chair with certain seat depth is one of the major features of ergonomic office chairs

Ergonomic office chairs help you to move around comfortably with access to your desk, they are more flexible and contribute to an effective work environment.

Increase productivity
Your productivity depends on not just being physically present but also mentally stable, alert and focused. Ergonomic office chairs make you feel “No tiredness” which helps you stay focussed throughout the day

Let’s take a sneak peek into the different ergonomic office chairs which are under the price of Rs. 10000 and can be a good investment and great value for money.

We bring to you a reliable brand and top excellence in ergonomic office chairs from which is professionally compliant for your business and helps you in productivity driven work,Lavezzi High Back Ergonomic Office Executive Chair (Dark Brown)

This is a basic essential chair for your work and a must-have of all the ergonomic office chairs. This is one of the best ergonomic office chairs that is especially suited for your employees and can be ordered in bulk. A specialized chair for professionals like doctors and layers which gives best-sophisticated support to your back.


  • Professional chair: Apt for Doctors and lawyers who are professionals.
  • Good Backrest and lumbar support
  • Durable
  • Perfect seat depth
  • Padded cushion for your hips which acts as a great shock absorber.
  • Fully adjustable chair with curved contours for that suitable armrest and with “NO wrist strain”
  • Amazing upholstery with bonded leather which gives a comfortable experience.


An authentic piece Perfectly matches the interiors of your office or home with dark brown colour

Value for money: Yes

Costing: Rs. 6990/-

Bufficia Medium Back PU Cushioned Office Task Chair (Black)

Description : 

This is a kind of computer chair which is best suited for corporate employees and designed for people who are confined to their pc on the desk. A well-cushioned office chair which gives the best support to your back and hip thus letting you absorb shock when you get up from the chair or sit down. 


  • Perfectly aligned to sit for a longer period of time. 
  • Height is adjustable depending on the desk. 
  • Smooth and multitasking rolling from one place to another 

Design: A perfect task chair which focuses only on the work of employees while giving them perfectly back support without making them feel lazy.

Value for money: Great value for money (If you are thinking to go for bulk chairs for corporates or other business segments)

Costing:  Rs. 4999

Blaze Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair (Black)

Description :
Have you started your own business and have many employees? Take the right decision before investing in the best ergonomic office chairs which are classy and chic in look with professionalism and also which give the best support to your employees at work. Instead of going for more employees in large numbers, go for best-suited employees and invest in furniture and correct form of ergonomic office chairs which will boost their productivity.

Benefits :

  • High-quality product.
  • Soft padding cushion for hip support.
  • Netted fabric that makes the skin breathable and skin-friendly.
  • A curved backrest offers great lumbar support.

Modern timeless design

Value for money:

Great value for money (If you are thinking to go for bulk chairs for corporates or other business segments)

Costing: Rs.6499/-

Europhia Presidential Leatherette Office Executive Chair (Black Tan)

Description : 

Does your professional space own a conference room or meeting room? Or rather, let’s put it up this way, are you inclined towards many official meetups or conferences? Switch to the best ergonomic office chairs which will make your clients feel welcomed and positive. A great comfort ergonomic chair for your guest and client in your conference room will set them apart from the other employees and make them feel special. If you really like the “NOD” and “interest” of your clients on your business., choose from a wide variety of best ergonomic office chairs at


  • A perfect boss chair 
  • A perfect conference chair for meeting clients, making presentations and cracking deals.


A Classique lavish look which will blend with your office interiors and add to the professionalism 

Value for money: Yes

Costing:  Rs.10990

Ergonomic Office Mesh Computer Chair (Black)

Description :
There is another great product from with detailed attention to user comfort. With top user comfort, it is commendable with aesthetics and durability. The base of the seat provides control of tension. It is perfect for your executives who work day in and out to generate sales and to upsurge your business. A durable chair for employees especially incorporates or other segments of the business.


  • Padded cushion with great lumbar support.
  • Especially suited for employees.

One of the basic ergonomics chair that focuses on support and comfort rather than design

Value for money:

Great value for money (If you are thinking to go for bulk chairs for corporates or other business segments)

Costing: Rs. 4999/-

Agronomo Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair (Red-Black)

Description :
One of the best ergonomic chairs for executives and employees. This a basic investment that you can make for your employees if you are looking to establish or expand your business. This is a very sturdy chair with a good backrest.


  • Padded cushion with great lumbar support
  • Especially suited for employees.
  • Breathable fabric with netted mesh

Available in red-black combination and also featuring Agronomo in green colour to make your office look vibrant.

Value for money:

Great value for money (If you are thinking to go for bulk chairs for corporates or other business segments)

Costing: Rs. 4990/-

Why choose for best ergonomic office chairs? 

The top prime quality for is that it has a prime ace design with superior quality and what adds up to its feature is the orthopedics suited ergonomic office chairs which makes it the best choice. 

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