Difference Between Wall Mounted Pooja Mandir And Floor Rested Pooja Mandir

Almost every Indian homes possess a large or small space that is completely dedicated to praying. Indulging in daily prayers helps to effectively bring peace and also positive energy to their homes.

Most of the Hindus have a small pooja mandir possessing idols in it. Also, you can find the availability of various types of options to choose from which includes floor rested pooja mandir and wall mounted pooja mandir.

You can also select from a wide range of pooja room designs for making your prayer area appear even more beautiful.

Things To Keep In Mind While You Look For Pooja Mandir

A pooja mandir is such an area of your house where you can always feel positivity. But, to enhance the positive effects, you should consider selecting one that is of the best quality.

Also, you can find various designs of pooja rooms that are available in different styles and made with different types of materials.

One of the best options is to do proper customization of your pooja room according to Vastu sastra. This will help to increase the flow the energy and positivity in your house. While you design your pooja room, you can always go for customization.

Wall Mounted Pooja Temple

If you are having several vacant walls in your house or you have a small home, then, wall mounted pooja temple is considered to be the best thing that you can select. This option helps to effectively save your floor space as it does not need a lot of space.

Floor Rested Or Floor Standing Pooja Temple

Although it is not possible to always have a dedicated pooja room, still you can create the effect or illusion of a suitable pooja corner at your house. For this kind of situation, the floor rested pooja temple is regarded as the best choice.

Below are mentioned some of the important points that you should keep in your mind while buying pooja room.

  • Size

The pooja mandir you are choosing should be large enough for storing the accessories that you require for your pooja. Not only that, but the particular unit should fit comfortably in your house.

This is applicable in case you are opting for floor rested pooja mandir. But, if you do not have enough space in your house for a pooja room, then the ideal option to choose is considered to be wall mounted pooja mandir.

This particular option is best for storing all your pooja accessories and deities in a compact area if you are having a storage of space in your home.

  • Design

You can easily find various styles and also designs of pooja room to choose from. Some of the best designs of pooja room include sleek, modern, and contemporary. Not only that, but some people prefer to opt for a design that comes with an ethnic touch.

Also, you can select the appropriate configuration depending on your unique needs. In this aspect, you can select from floor rested pooja mandir or wall mounted pooja mandir.

The most important distinction existing between these two types of pooja mandir is that the wall-mounted one can be fixed to the wall and so, it is suitable for small spaces where floor rested ones needs to be placed on the floor.

This makes the floor rested pooja mandir a suitable option for large spaces.

  • Material

While you buy pooja mandir, you should select such material as well as a finish that effectively suits your taste.

In this aspect, one of the best options is to select a chic style wooden pooja mandir that comes with a mahogany or teak finish. Talking about the wooden pooja mandir designs, it comes in a wide variety of styles to choose from.

  • Functionality

Specifically, a pooja mandir that is meant for everyday worship is decorated with flowers, lights, and candles. It is also considered to be a decorative and also practical furniture piece.

But, while you opt for one, you should have a clear idea about how many drawers and shelves you exactly require.

Another most important thing to look for is that the surface is large enough for displaying all the pictures as well as idols. You should avoid making use of overloaded or messy settings.

  • Additional Considerations That You Should Make

Beside or under your pooja mandir, you can place coffee tables as it will look good. Not only that, but this can contribute to providing a larger surface on which you can place the idols.

Other than that, you can also use that particular space to keep incense sticks or any other important pooja accessories. This is mostly applicable if you are opting for wall mounted pooja mandir as it comes with limited space for keeping all the pooja related items.

But, in case, you are opting floor rested pooja mandir, then you do not always need it. This can be regarded as the main distinction existing between wall-mounted and also floor rested pooja mandir.

Which One To Select Between Wall Mounted And Floor Rested Pooja Mandir?

After knowing about the differences existing between wall mounted pooja mandir and floor rested pooja mandir, now, a confusion arises which one to select between these two.

The clear answer to this is it depends on your unique requirements like if you are having a large space in your house, then you should go for the floor rested ones.

But, in case, you have space issues in your house, then you can select the wall-mounted pooja mandir as it is easily fixed even to smaller spaces.

Ideal Materials For Pooja Temple Or Mandir

You should first decide the material that you should select for your pooja temple. Although, this is dependent on many factors such as style, budget, preference, and a lot more.

In this regard, some of the most important considerations are wood, granite, stone, and marble. Among these options, wood is the preferred choice for most of the people whenever it comes to pooja temple or mandir.

This is specifically because wood is a functional and ergonomic option to choose from. Not only that, but you also get the option to bring nature to the spiritual area of your house. So, no material is considered better than wood.

Best Colours To Choose For Your Home Temple

Pooja space is known to be an integral part of almost every Indian home where flowers, idols, lamps, etc. are used for decorating the space. But, in this aspect, colors always play a very important role to create a calm, positive, and also magical effect to your home.

It is always recommended to go for light color wallpapers as it will increase your concentration while you indulge in pooja activities.

This involves certain colors like yellow, white, leafy green, etc. You can choose wallpapers of these particular colors that go well with your pooja space or temple.


So, the above-discussed ones are regarded as some of the major differences existing between floor rested and wall mounted pooja temples. Some other considerations are also given that will help you to select the best option while you buy one.

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