Expert Ideas on Temple or Mandir Designs for Home

Looking to bring the most loved deity to your home, but concerned, as you are not finding enough space to build a puja room? DO NOT WORRY. You can still go ahead with a best- matched home puja mandir as per the space available to set up the one in your home.

In India, temples or mandir are the auspicious symbol of hope and good luck. People visit temples in search of peace, to meditate, and to connect with their most loved God. Indians not just love to visit the temples but also are very keen to have a temple at their abode because there is an age- old belief that home temples emit positivity and take all the negativities out from home.

Mostly, large spacious homes have a separate space dedicated for an in house puja mandir. On the other hand, homes with limited space availability may opt for a separate home temple unit. A home temple unit can vary based on the material (Wood or Stone), styling (Floor Rested or Wall Mounted), and other features.

Vaastu experts DZYN Furnitures – a leading wooden temple and other furniture items manufacturer in India – however, vouch for wooden puja temples for home, as wood considered being supremely auspicious and devout than any other material.

Scroll down and explore some elite Wooden Puja Mandir designs for homes, exclusively developed by the design experts at DZYN Furnitures, meticulously keeping in mind the Indian HomesWall Mounted Wooden Home Temple You want to bring the loved most deity to your home, but are concerned about the space limitations, then wall mounted wooden home temples are just the right choice. Wall mount puja mandir allows you to easily accommodate the home temple on a room or kitchen wall or set it up at any spare corner in a room. These home temple variants will cover barely 2 feet to 3 feet area.

Smart artisans at DZYN Furnitures have created the Divya Prakostha range of elegant wooden wall mounted mandirs for every home. These temples are available in two colors – Teak Gold and Brown Gold – that cab capably enhance your abode’s appeal while letting you connect with the God you adore the most. These cleverly designed wall hanging home puja temples come with closed sides and have ample space for your God to sit majestically. The wooden mandir has a separate sliding tray to keep diyas, dhoop, and puja ghanti (bell) while praying, along with spacious drawers to keep other puja materials like clothes for idols and more.

You have some extra, vacant space available that you want to dedicate for worshipping, but you are not sure for how long you can spare that corner for your prayers. Besides, you might have more deities to offer prayers to, however, not sure how and where to accommodate those for a peaceful godly connection. The single answer for all these queries is to choose a multi-purpose wooden puja mandir that you can set up on the floor or hang on the home wall.

At DZYN Furnitures, we precisely understand your needs, and therefore, we introduce an aesthetic range of multi-purpose – wall mounted or floor rested – wooden puja mandir for your home. Sunanda Bhawan and Sukhat Mann are the premium ranges that match your requirement for a multi-utility home puja mandir. Both these variants come in appealing designs and vibrant colours.

Sukhat Mann has an aesthetic frontal design with two swan carvings and designer side jaalies, while ethnically crafted single dome at the top adds elegance to the unit and your home. On the other hand, Sunanda Bhawan has unique three domes on the top that emits immense positivity in the surroundings. Exclusive jaalidaar sides with jaalidaar top frontal are enough to enlighten the religious link between you and your God.

Available in Medium and Large sizes, these high-grade teak wood home temples come in Teak Gold and Brown Gold colours. Other standard features of these fantastic home temple variants include two spacious drawers to keep puja material and separate moving trays for diyas and incense sticks.

Floor Rested Wooden Home Temple 

When it comes to converting a small room or separate, extra space into a sacred place to worship your adorable God, you must go for a floor rested home wooden temple. The best part of the floor rested home mandirs is there is no need to carry out any construction work. All you need is to select the apt temple suiting your preferences. There are plenty of options for floor rested temples available in the market, including multiple drawers of different sizes or the ones with or without a door. You can even choose between a low- rise and high- rise floor rested wooden home temple and transform your bare room into a puja mandir room.

Team DZYN Furniture is all focused on renovating the extra available spaces in your home as the place where you can pray and meditate peacefully. We, therefore, have devised a diverse range of exclusive wooden home mandirs for our patrons. Our Low- Rise Floor Rested home puja mandirs (including Adhi Yogi, Antarusya, Brahma Sthana, Divine Home, Sacred Space, Sacred Home, and Puja Graham) and High- Rise Floor Rested home temples (including Antarusya, Brahma Kostha, Divine Palace, Puja Graham, and Sacred Palace) are designed to deliver elegance with divine aura to your home.

All the above variants come in different sizes (large and medium) and vibrant colors (teak gold and brown gold). These aesthetic home temples embrace innovative features, like trendy jaalidaar sides, large drawers, spacious cabinets, stylish jaalidaar doors (with and without), cult frontal designs, and much more.


Your home temple not just boosts positive vibes in your home but also enable you to build a soulful connection with their lovable God. A wide range of stunning yet pocket- friendly wooden home temples by DZYN Furnitures is capable of gracing every spiritual corner of your home. You can advance the beauty of your home puja mandir by just mixing them with other spiritual accents, fashionable lamps, or LED lights.

For exclusive ideas for the home wooden temple, you may write to our experts at [email protected]

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