How to decorate the pooja mandir with flowers?

Pooja mandir is that sacred part of the home where you find utmost peace and serenity. There are enormous kinds and designs of beautiful pooja mandir for home available in the online market, which can be delivered at your doorsteps, effortlessly, in a very less delivery time. After having your favourite pooja mandir for home-delivered to you, the next step to follow is to place it according to the Vastu tips so that your home can find real prosperity. Every worshipper has a different faith and a different connection with the Lord, that’s why he decorated his pooja mandir with full dedication, for his Lord. People usually decorate the pooja mandir with flowers, photo frames, light up diyas, brass or silver oil lamps, perfumed sticks or a beautifully decorated pooja thali. Decorating the pooja mandir is considered to be auspicious and a part of worship. The worshiper shows his love and dedication towards his God by buying the best available pooja mandir for home and then decorating it with all his heart.

Flowers used as a material for decorating pooja mandir can prove to be a very affordable item. They are the most used item for adorning the pooja mandir for home. Some ideas for beautifying your pooja mandir with the help of flowers are stated as under-

  • Use flowers for making rangoli at the entrance of your pooja room or at each corner of the room. Flower rangolis are in trend nowadays and look spectacular. 
  • Decorate the mandir with hanging flowers
  • Use LED light string and attach flowers to it. The flowers will shine when the light string is turned on and will give your pooja room for home, a phenomenal look. 
  • Flower garlands are a widely used, traditional item used for decoration. They are used for decorating the door or walls of the pooja room or the pooja mandir or the idol. 
  • Opt for different types of flowers for decorating the pooja room on different days. Changing the flowers regularly lets you feel fresh. 
  • You can use orchids, daisies, marigold, jasmine, hydrangea or even roses for making your pooja mandir feel like heaven. 
  • Use flowers that have the most soothing fragrance, so that your heart can get lost in the worship of your Lord while you pray inside your Pooja room. 

Apart from the decoration, the biggest challenge is to select the best possible pooja mandir for the home. There is a wide range of pooja mandir for home available in the market today, which are of different types and designs. You can have a look at the very beautiful, eye-catching pooja mandir at and select one from the very elegant, handcrafted pooja mandir made with utmost dedication to meet up your expectations. Some of the most alluring pieces of pooja mandir available online are stated as under, so that you can get a quick list of the best available pooja mandir for a home to choose from.

Antarusya Large Floor Rested Pooja Mandir Without Door (Teak Gold)

This heavy piece of art is made with 100% hand crafted front jali design and a single dome. It also has drawers so that you can store your pooja samagri in them.

The size of the pooja mandir allows you to install even a heavy idol in it. This strongly built pooja mandir is available in Teak colour with a touch of golden inserts.

This floor resting pooja mandir looks traditional yet stunning and can give your pooja room a very elegant and royal look because of its ornamental colour.

Suramya Floor Rested Pooja Mandir (Brown Gold

This single domed Pooja mandir for home has a cabinet design. The large cabinet and drawers provided can be used as a storage space for your Pooja samagri and other items.

Made with multiple colours, this beautiful art piece can be suitable for almost all types of colour schemes. Due to its cabinet like shape, it consumes less space and looks heavy at the same time.

Brahma Sthana Medium Floor Rested Pooja Mandir (Brown)

 This dark brown coloured Pooja mandir for home has a traditional look and is inspired by the historic period, like the other Pooja mandir at Dzyn furnitures, to make you feel spiritual.

This heavy Pooja mandir has a perfect classy and royal look to make your space look vibrant and divine.

Delivered in sturdy packaging, you can get your favourite Pooja mandir at your doorsteps delivered free and effortlessly with cost EMIs and a warranty of 12 months.

Sacred Space Medium Pooja Mandir Floor Rested Wooden Temple Without Door Big Size (Brown Gold)

A single domed handcrafted, multi-coloured Pooja mandir for home, this attractive art piece has the potential to spread positive vibes around. 

This Pooja mandir has a wide main pooja area which is sufficient for keeping many idols and the two drawers beneath the main Pooja area can be used for storing Pooja items or other useful stuff. 

All these above mentioned Pooja mandir for home are 100% handcrafted and designed with utmost dedication and love. Due to the heavy and strong material used in their making, these attractive pieces look royal, classy, spiritual and traditional at the same time. You can choose the one according to the space available at the home and the colour scheme. 

You can even get the Pooja mandir for home customized especially for you, according to your requirements. 

After getting the perfect Pooja mandir for your home, you can decorate your Pooja room or the Pooja area with flowers, lights and diyas so as to create just the perfect space for yourself.

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