How to Select a Comfortable Office Chair

The office chair is the place where you spend around 8 to 10 hours of a day. Everyone must have a comfortable office chair. Working at one place required you to spend a great deal of time sitting in one position. If the office chair you are sitting at for your entire day is not comfortable, then you may end up with some physical pain in your spine. Not only physical, but this sitting problem can also lead to frustration and stress. It is extremely important to have an ergonomic office chair that ensures a good sitting posture and supports your lower back.

A good and cosy office chair can make it easier for you to carry out day to day activities easily without affecting your back and overall health. Here are some of the highlighted points which you must consider before buying a new office chair.

Adjustable Height

A chair with the facility of height adjustment will provide you with a cosy position at work. A chair must be having easy to adjust operation w so you can change the height of the chair according to your height. Normally the height of the seat ranges from   15 to 21 inches from the floor. Adjusting the height as per your convenience, gives you the comfort of placing your legs flat on the floor, your thighs comfortably horizontal, and your arms even at your desk. This is a very basic element to look for when you are choosing a comfortable office chair.

A Multiway Backrests

This part of the chair must give you the comfort you own. Backrests come in both attached and detached manners. If your backrest is attached to chair ten it must have a forward and backward adjustment option. If the backrest is not attached to the chair then it must have a feature of height adjustment with a locking mechanism. Also, the backrest must be naturally supporting your curve of the spine and overall back position.

Look for Good Lumbar support

Lumbar support is an essential part of an ergonomic chair as it supports the lumbar region of the spine. It must support the spine alignment to its natural curvature. Lumbar support keeps your muscles from overtaxing and can help the injury to help if any. As you sit for long hours in the office chair, you must check this feature with additional adjustment. So you can properly fit in the chair without hurting your spine.

Ample Space of The Seat

The seat must have ample space for you to sit comfortably. 17 to 20 inches wide is a standard measure of the seat. You should be able to sit in the chair with your back again on the backrest and have a gap between your knees and seat. The seat must be adjustable too.

Soft Padding and Strong Material

The build material of the chair must be strong so you can rely on that chair for years. The good quality fabric and soft paddings are more advisable when you are looking for a comfortable office chair. A tough surface will give you pain after sitting on it for more than a few hours. Avoid the seat with too soft or too hard material. The softness of the material must be breathable.

Strong Armrests

The office chair must allow you to rest your arms comfortably and it must be of strong quality material. Some chairs have an adjustable feature to their arm sets also. This feature will allow you to change the position of the armrest whenever you want.

Easy to Operate Chair System

Office chairs come with adjustment features but these features are only good if they are easy to operate. If you have to call a third person for the setting of your chair then you will end up sitting uncomfortably. Some of the office chairs are so easy to operate that you can change the setting with few touches.

Good Quality Swivels

The good quality swivels make it easy to move around and come again to your spot. It is a very essential part of a chair. Most of the time, one has to move from one desk to another without actually moving from the place, for some quick work. In this case, having flexible and strong swivels will help you save time and effort.

Types of Comfortable Office Chair

Office chairs come in a variety of types. Office chairs affect our productivity and have a great impact on our health. That is why choosing a comfortable office chair type for your convenience is a great deal. The endless list of types of chairs depends on many aspects. Here we have listed and explained some basic and common types of office chairs for you to choose the best one.

  1. Mesh Office Chairs
  2. Ergonomic Chairs
  3. Leather chair
  4. Saddle office chairs
  5. Kneeling Chairs
  6. Big and tall office chairs

Mesh Office Chairs

Mesh office chairs are highly breathable and efficient for people who sweat a lot while working. The mesh at the backrest gives the person sitting on the chair, an airy atmosphere. Mesh office chairs are comfortable with Lumbar support and waterfall edge which helps you for better blood circulation. Mesh chairs are always high in demand as these chairs are comfortable and help to maintain good posture. If you work in a hot climate or tend to sweat quickly then this chair is made for you.

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are made for the people who spend their almost entire day sitting at one place in the office. This chair provides a natural posture to the user by preventing them from back pain or injury to the spine. These chairs may cost more than the other chairs as it provides the million-dollar comfort.

Leather Chair

As the name suggests, leather chairs are the ones made with or covered with leather material. These chairs look classy and can give a stunning look to your cabin or desk. Due to their material. These leather chairs are quite expensive than the other office chairs. However, if you are thinking about buying a leather chair for your office then you must keep in mind that these chairs need proper maintenance and it is important for you to keep them properly clean.

Big and Tall Office Chairs

Big and tall chairs are made for people who are m=bigger and taller than the commoners.  These chairs are characterized by their weight and height capacities. Not only the height of the chair but also the backrest seat height is large and they have wide seats and armrests. These chairs are best suitable for tall and heavy build people.

Saddle Office Chairs

Saddle chairs may look like a stool for a layman but it is more than just that. These chairs are becoming hugely popular as it lowers the muscle activities of the lumbar region and increases the movement of the abdominals. It is also said to be pain relief for the back, hip, neck, and arms. It straightens the upper body which leads you to have a good posture overall. It helps your spine to be perfectly in position. Saddle chairs come in two different types – divided and solid. This chair type is best suitable for people with back pain or a bad spine position.

Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling chairs are the one which allows your knees to go down and stabilize a good position of sitting. It helps to reduce back pain and maintain a better position. It also prevents spinal compression and back stress. Though, kneeling chairs are not meant to sit for long terms. If you use a kneeling chair for your everyday 9 to 5 job then it will cause you some serious issues related to leg, and knees.

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