How to Set Up a Puja Mandir at Home

As per a common belief, a temple at home invites your most loved deities and builds a strong godly bonding with them while bringing luck, prosperity, and positivity to the surroundings.

A home puja mandir is a place for peaceful worshipping and attaining the divine connection. Most older homes and independent villas across India may have a dedicated space or even a separate puja room for prayers. Modern apartments and compact abodes, on the other hand, might not have that freedom, primarily due to space constraints. These home types, therefore, can transform a free space on a wall or a quaint corner of a room into a designer, customized puja mandir. The question, however, is how to go about it?

For compact home spaces, our talented interior designing experts suggest going for a custom- made puja mandir that can conveniently suit the small areas in an apartment. For homes with no dedicated space for a puja room, the best bet is a wall mount unit.

Let us explore some insightful tips by the design masters at DZYN Furnitures to set up a puja mandir properly at your premise. Before we deep dive into the ideas, it is crucial to understand the perquisites for an ideal personalized home temple and get familiar with strictly not- to- do tasks.

Primary Requisites for a Home Puja Mandir

Home puja mandir can have a unique design, independent of the rest of the home. The structure can be basic, minimal, elaborate, or grand. An ideal puja mandir, however, must have ample space to accommodate god’s idols or pictures along with pujan inclusions, like diyas, incense sticks, bells, utensils, flowers, fruits, among other items for puja. A home temple with sufficient space is also suitable for proper ventilation and positivity in the home setting.

Things to Avoid

To attract the right kind of energies, one must restrict using the customized puja mandir to store items other than required for worshiping purposes.

Other points to keep in mind for the best meditative results include:

  • Do not set up the puja unit in a storeroom, kitchen, or near bathroom area;
  • Do not place a dustbin near the mandir, as it generates negativity
  • Do not put damaged idols or photos in the unit;
  • While praying, the use of diya is necessary, and therefore, our experts suggest avoiding too much fabric near the puja unit as it can lead to a safety hazard.

Key Suggestions for a Perfect Home Temple

Preferred Material

According to the Vastu Shastra, a perfect puja unit must be handcrafted in solid wood, as wood considered being the most auspicious material. From the experts’ standpoint, the specialists at DZYN Furnitures suggests that puja mandir must have an easy to clean and maintain surface, which is best possible in solid wood crafted units. Other material finishes, such as wooden jaali sides, designer wooden doors, and well- carved conical top dome, can elevate the overall elegance of the puja mandir as well as the home surroundings.

Recommended Color and Décor Options

Decent Colour with toning décor plays an exclusive role in every design. An elegant home temple design with the right tone of colours can bring an immensely positive and calm aura to the surroundings. Design gurus at DZYN Furnitures have some best colour ideas that may help in amplifying the impact of mounting a home puja mandir:

  • Brown Gold colour is ideal to set the meditative tone in any room, as it spreads joy, optimism, and peace.
  • Teak Gold delivers a radiant shade that signifies courage and power, while a more muted mud tone exhibits positive energy and composed stimulation for prayer.

Add the desired spruce to the home puja mandir with bright matching and decorative inclusions, like ornamental handles, decent designer knobs on the dome and temple’s rooftops, ethnical engravings on pillars and frontals, stylish wooden biddings, jaalidaar doors, and much more.

Storage Spaces for Puja Essentials

Neat and tidy puja spaces are an absolute must for developing calm vibes around the home. Therefore, interior planners at DZYN Furnitures have devised various drawer options for every home need. We have temples that match exceptionally well with your puja room design and interiors. Starting from a single drawer for wall mounting temples to two, three, and five drawer options for floor rested temple variants, among others, we have everything.

Moreover, while spacious and well- thought puja drawer options eliminate cluttering and help organize the primary puja items, uninterrupted motion of drawer channels brings sheer peace of mind and ensure steer- clear of clutter appeal to the surroundings.

Best Ways for Mounting the Home Puja Mandir

With a minor modification in room structure, you may well arrange the puja temple in any room, with an open space, such as the living room or bedroom. Experts, however, suggest a solid background for home temples to ensure that none of the idols and picture frames touches the shared wall in a home. This small yet critical inclusion helps in eliminating any detrimental effects and balancing the required energy.

Understanding the Vastu Compliance and Directions

Here are some Expert guidelines to ensure your home temple is Vastu compliant:

  • A cluttered puja mandir can never be vastu compliant, so it is necessary to keep the home temple unit neat and clean.
  • The puja space must have a lower ceiling than the rest of the home.
  • The most auspicious and ideal direction for a home puja mandir is northeast, while the next best option would be to set- up the mandir facing either east or north. Moreover, storage spaces or drawers should face the southeast direction to ensure there is nothing obstructing sunlight.
  • Vastu gurus reveal that a low ceiling with a double door entry for a puja room can do wonders.
  • Ideal height placement for idols and photos is at stomach level or 18 inches from the floor.
  • Puja unit near the bathroom area creates an imbalance in energy.
  • Puja room that shares a wall with a bathroom may distract people while they pray or meditate, primarily due to the plumbing noises at the backdrop.

Design Suggestions

The dedicated, peaceful puja zone in a home inspires divinity and is an ultimate luxury in itself. However, when not in use, most people shall prefer to conceal this sacred space. The main reason for doing this is to avoid kids from knocking puja items or people accidentally stepping in with footwear.

We can still tackle such situations by shifting the home temple or by merely opting for a wall- mounted puja unit with doors. Another way is to go for folding or sliding doors with jaali for that stylish appeal.

We sincerely hope this article will help you choose the right home temple matching your puja room design.

Share your comments and suggestions, or reach our experts at [email protected].

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