Things To Consider Before Buying an Office Chair

An average office worker in India spends about 54 hours per week in the office; easy to assume a bulk of it is spent sitting in an office chair. While choosing one, though, it draws the least bit of consideration- at most the things that are thought of while going for an Office Chair or an Executive Chair would be to see if it matches the decor of the office. Different work fields require specific kinds of office seating, for example – a work area where a most of the work is done on a drawing board or storyboard requires a tall standing chair which is in contrast to the chair arrangements of a more conventional nature.

However, if the overall experience of the actual users were to be taken in, that would tell a totally different story altogether. An employee who spends a lot of his work hours sitting in an office chair would declare the importance of his work chair, speak of its ergonomics, its stability, and its durability and will go to the extent of suggesting the fabrics used for a more comfortable working span. The best picks of the chair for the interiors of an office comprise that which easily is adjustable according to the movement of the user or simply a handle. It fits comfortably, regulated for height and depth, with perfect width. Unneeded to assert the significance flexibility of the built and recline ability.

Essentially there are diverse choices of office chair catering to exacting needs of a workplace

Types of office chair and its purpose

Ergonomic Chairs are by far the most recognized preference for its lumbar support, the design, flexibility and seamless movement across the floor. The science behind it makes it practically inevitable for people who do have work hours above and beyond the normal time of an organization, which is the case prevalent in this age of office culture.

Executive Chairs may come across as an expensive alternative; however, the dignified presence of it is incomparable when it comes to state authority in the workplace. It definitely boasts of luxury and also flexibility and support for long hours of work.

Conference Chairs provides a conference room setting. And as its purpose, it barely supports for a long stretch of work on them. It is, nevertheless, comfortable and flexible, facilitating for a much attentive conference/meeting purpose.

Tall or big Chairs offers towards the need of tall statured individuals and are designed specifically for better support and comfort of those people.

Petite Chair, as opposed to the above, is the option more suitable for a user much smaller in stature, intended for its precise purpose it is more suitable for such users for a more stable sitting experience in the workplace.

Shift Chairs or 24 Hours Chairs are variants which are popular in a culture where the desk is occupied for most of the day, such as a customer support services where the desk needs to be engaged for as long as whole 24 hours, naturally occupied by different users over the course of the day in assigned shifts. Such chairs need to be more durable and sturdy than other options.

Task Chairs or Computer Chairs are intended for computer desks usually having a castor wheelbase, it also ensures comfort, stability and flexibility.

Drafting Stools are essentially a setup of arrangement facilitating for more specific work area which requires the user to mostly standing and draft work. This is by design a tool which is more for support than for comfort. Apart from the upper padding of the seat it usually had a ring for foot support.

Beam Chairs are seating arrangements for waiting areas accommodating 3 or more people. It is typically mounted on a single beam of horizontal metal. The design and usage of the product are very functional and practical.

Office Sofas are generally used in reception areas/ waiting areas, executive chambers allowing at least 3 people to seat at a time. It is designed for comfort.

Tablet Chairs are usually used in seminar halls or conference rooms furnished for more number of people wherein facilitating taking quick notes in absence of fixed desks due to lack of working space.

Benches provide a long-lasting and exclusive seating arrangement in lobby areas/ waiting room for more than one individual at a time. It has an aesthetic appearance to go with its space-saving purpose.

Stacking Chair is a convenient option wherein extra seating is required, and by design, it is space-saving since it, as the name suggests, can be arranged to stack one over the other

Folding Chair like stacking chairs, these chairs also serve the purpose of saving space and can be easily set up or stored.

Be it the necessity of the furnishing design of the surrounding, or a more specific – work role requirement, much implied is the effect of the office chairs on the body as well the psyche of the person.

Important factors to keep in mind before choosing an office chair

The Ergonomics

It is no mystery that a hale and hearty individual is likely to excel in his or her productivity towards an organization. Ergonomics of an office chair goes a long way in contributing towards workplace satisfaction. An ideal ergonomic office chair helps in better posture – a well-complimenting chair design for the body is something which cannot be overlooked.

Comfort, a more obvious purpose of a chair is to comfort, though simply a putting together padding is not enough to call as comfort. The design also plays a part in it too.

Support – A more serious thing to consider is the support which the chair must provide without being compromised. The backrest is not just a piece of joint fitted for the sake of the chair.

All of the above constitutes the overall health of a person.

The Stability 

Another of the essentials states – stability of the product to be paramount when it comes to convenience in working. Choosing a chair according to the floor of the office also plays a part, whilst the wheel movement on a smooth surface should allow for ease of movement of the chair a carpeted floor may not be suitable for the same design of the product. The handiness of the tilts and handles for reclines and armrests also is a necessity rather than a luxury. A chair designed for even weight distribution is more stable in any position the users wishes to be in at any point of the day. 

The Durability

Duration of which a product serves in an organization not only stands as assets in the accounts, implying that the long-lasting use would otherwise result in controlling expenses, but also for the fact that a user gets used to it. The durability of an office chair ensures better output from an employee for the life of the chair and avoids the need to get adjusted with the transition in case of a new buy. Which eventually adds to more industrious hours put in by the staff.

The Fabric

Another consideration which is missed often is the choice of the materials used for an office executive chair. A leather chair might not be topped when it comes to the looks and luxury but it may not be the right choice if you aren’t considering the vicinity. Sometimes the arrangement of an office makes it better to go for a cloth fabric for a more breathable experience. A congested feel of a work environment also is a negative to be tackled with. Establishing the need of a cloth fabric material though doesn’t deny the necessity of leather or other material which has its own merits from the right padding for a longer period of work time, its aesthetics which also is an important feature to be taken into account when looking for a great office chair.

The Movement

A seamless movement of the chair, not just on the floor but when it is static also is a point worth pondering. The swivel movement or the reclining movement are essential factors when static. It adds to the convenience of the work done without straining or impacting the postures- neck, arms and back of the worker

Without a doubt, an office chair is an integral part of the office décor, evidently though it is much more than filler used in spaces. It is its own purpose, the productivity of it may not be measured in books but undoubtedly, it contributes to the efficiency and better result in an organization. A suitable choice of an office chair, in the long run, looks after the employees’ health, his mental state over long working hours.

While choosing a piece of office furniture may not, initially, be a task worth spending time upon but choosing an asset, on the other hand, should definitely be considered as one because it very well may be the difference in the overall performance of the work performed at a desk.

Physical and mental effects of office chairs

Many studies have been carried out which proves the correlation between the psychology of a person and their work desk arrangement. If not acted upon, in long term, a poor choice of an office chair might lead to a much serious health problem such as issues which are related to the spine, lower back issues and slip disks and on some other graver situation may lead to mental health issues.

With the rise of a new kind of economy which is based on the decisions made off a desk, an enclosed office culture seem to be thriving. Needless to see the opportunities and demand for such services would also be on a rise. Catering such a need also may act as the root of a Smart Office. The rising competition is giving way to a philosophy which desires much from workers, hence, eventually this is a base from where employee satisfaction becomes of utmost importance.  To get more out of a worker and more efficiency an office chair is a prime contributor.

In this day and age of technological advancement, creating a smart office could be the first step towards creating a better product or better output in any which way possible. Keeping up with technological changes may not be enough if the user who is anticipated to make the most out of that technology cannot deliver, because they are uncomforted by something as basic as an office chair. Its intention however basic is optimal when it comes to user satisfaction.

A smart office works towards the betterment of the work environment whether it is physical or mental and in turn, can expect a more motivated approach of the staff. Choosing the right office furniture equates to a satisfied employee, who does not complain of long working hours. An office with a certain style of working should realize its choice of office chairs where it expects the user to put in their best work for the organization.

Between standing and sitting chair arrangements, a pair of desks and chairs arrangement may very well be thought of beforehand. Ergonomics of chairs are such a crucial part of the decision making factors, supporting correct postures suited to the body frame of a user, its customizability all these factors contributes to the productivity of the staff. Calm colours also play a psychological role in keeping up the mood of the user.

More importantly, the choice of an office chair would only add to the average output of the workplace. The correct choice of office chairs helps prevent workplace injuries, the durability and the stability of a chair is seamed through its user who spends most of their day on it. It is not a surprise that productivity may drop significantly when an injury or other health issues need to be tended to. An empty chair by way of absence due to physical or mental health issues of the user is yet to contribute to the yield of an office in the long history of office culture.

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