Which direction is best for Mandir at home?

A mandir is the most sacred part of our homes. Presence of a mandir makes the atmosphere of our homes liveable and spreads serenity and good vibes all around by soothing your inner soul. There are numerous types and designs of pooja mandir for home available in the market today, which can be ordered online and can be installed in your beautiful home with much ease, so as to make your home a peaceful and lively place to reside in. The mandir for home available in the market today, are of different types, based on the material used in their making.There are wooden pooja mandir, mandir made up of marble or stones, or granite or even glass. Most of the Vastu experts advise to install the wooden mandir for home.

Direction of the Pooja mandir at home

Apart from the material used in their making, the main thing that should be kept in mind while placing the pooja mandir for home, is the direction of the mandir. The position and direction of the pooja mandir at home plays a very important role in spreading good vibes around it. The right position and direction of the pooja mandir for home is believed to make everything including your finances and health related issues fall into place. And on the contrary, the wrong direction of the mandir for home can bring ill fortune. According to the traditional beliefs and even the Vastu experts, the mandir at home should always be placed in the North-East direction and the worshipper should be facing towards the East while praying, so that you can have the utmost peace, good health and wealth and prosperity to fill your home. Otherwise a complete opposite situation can occur which can prove to be extremely misfortunate.  Another suggestion given by the experts is that you should always go for buying a new mandir for home, instead of having a second hand one, because of the reason that every worshiper is different in faith and beliefs and everyone has a different kind of a connection with his God, who resides in his Pooja mandir for home.

Buy mandir for home online, with much ease, while sitting at the comfort of your home!

If you are going to buy a Pooja mandir for your home then you should take a look at the very beautiful and alluring mandir for home available in the online market, which can be easily delivered at your home and can even be bought on EMIs. After having bought the best suitable pooja mandir for home, you should place it in the North-East direction of your home.

This elegant art piece is built with a front jali design and three domes with the use of Teak wood to give your space the perfect classy yet spiritual look that you wish for. Hand crafted with utmost care, this alluring piece is delivered at your door steps in sturdy packaging. You will not find a single damaged part when you get your pooja mandir for home.

Kutustha Floor Rested Pooja Mandir (Teak Gold)

Here is a list of some eye catching and very beautiful mandir for home from Dzyn Furnitures, made for you, so that you can choose the best one for your home, depending on the amount of space available in your home, the color scheme according to the walls of your pooja room, and the kind of mandir for home that you want, for example a wall mounted pooja mandir for home, or a cabinet type, etc. All kinds of mandir for home are available at Dzyn Furnitures in attractive designs to soothe your soul. 

Antarusya Large Floor Rested Pooja Mandir Without Door (Teak Gold)

This classy piece is made to enhance the beauty of your home and add grace to it’s look. It can be used as a wall mounted or a floor resting Pooja mandir, depending upon your choice. The pooja mandir for home is scratch and water resistant, 100% hand crafted in solid material.

This good looking piece is made of Teak wood with some Golden touch. Two drawers are provided to act as storage space for your Pooja materials. This single art piece takes 7 days to be completely built by skilled artisans at Dzyn Furnitures, to give it the perfect ornamental look.

Sunanda Bhawan Large Pooja Mandir Wall Mount / Floor Rested Wooden Temple (Teak)

This one is made with a frond and side jaali design to give your Pooja room a traditional classy look. This beautiful art piece is built with heavy and strong Teak wood to give your space an ornamental yet functional look and spread good vibes all around. This Pooja mandir for home cum cabinet is easily deliverable to your door steps in simple steps, by just ordering online while sitting in the comfort of your home, that too with the facility of easy EMIs, easy returns, free delivery and even a warranty of 12 months.

Divya Prakostha Pooja Mandir Wall Mount (Brown Gold)

This dazzling single domed art piece has a royal look to vamp up your space and brings with it good health, wealth and prosperity for the home.

It is a medium sized mandir for home, which can be used as a wall mounted Pooja mandir for home, or a floor resting one, as per your wish.

It is a 100% hand crafted piece, which will be delivered to you with utmost care so that no part of it will be damaged in any way.

Having looked at some of the most appealing art pieces of mandir for home, now you can decide which one will suit your space. You can have a sneak peek into more of such glorious items at and install an enthralling piece at your home, keeping in mind the Vastu tips to make your home a lively as well as serene place to reside in. 

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