Top 3 great ideas to design Pooja Unit and Mandir for your home

A temple is a building which is constructed for religious and spiritual activities like prayers and sacrifice.
In the present scenario, we do not usefully find time to analyze the various reasons which lead us to failure in health, wealth or relationships. There are a number of ways to bring positivity in life but the best in all is placing a mandir at home.

The pooja / puja room is the most relaxing corner of the house as it helps people to forget about all their worries and problems.

When it comes to designing a pooja mandir for home , there can a number of ways for it but before designing the pooja mandir for home, it is equally important to know the different precautions needed to be taken before designing one.

Things to avoid doing while placing pooja mandir for home-

  • The pooja mandir should not be adjoined to the toilet or washroom not even above or below it
  • A pooja should not be placed in the bedroom , however if there is a problem of space then you can place the temple at some height or cover it.
  • Avoid placing any ancestral picture inside the pooja mandir.
  • Avoid placing cracked or damaged idols inside the pooja mandir as they might damage the wooden mandir .

Pooja Mandir, rightly chosen for home  and kept carefully, can last for years. So making the right decision for choosing the Pooja Mandir for home  is very important.

There can can be a number of ideas for designing a Pooja Mandir for home Some of them are given below-

Top ideas for designing pooja mandir for home-

1. Don’t clutter pooja rooms

A pooja/puja room should have a serene ambiance. Therefore, one should refrain from cluttering it with too many images or idols as this will create a visual distraction and interfere with the calmness in the area. Additionally, pooja rooms should be used only for storing pooja related items.

2. Decorate pooja rooms with metal

Since a pooja/puja room usually has metal accessories such as bells, plates and brass lamps, decorating the room with metallic colours can enhance the look. However, one should take care not to go overboard with the metal as it will overpower the room with its shine. Use subtle elements such as decorative metal motifs on the door or metallic paint on just a small section of the wall to balance the energy in the area.

3. Marble always looks good in Pooja Rooms

Among the various types of natural stones, marble is the most elegant and luxurious. Besides the richness that it brings to the decor, white marble also adds a soothing touch to any space, making it ideal for a pooja/puja room. In fact, marble is also an ideal material for those who are looking for small pooja/puja room designs as it can be crafted into a beautiful floor-standing mandir.

4. Pooja Room designs in wood

Wood is a versatile material for home decor, and it adds warmth and beauty to any area. In a pooja/puja room, carved wooden structures are reminiscent of the exquisite hand-carved motifs and sculptures that one sees in old temples. In a tiny home, one can look at small pooja/puja cabinet designs. In larger houses, the drawback of using wood is that it is an expensive material. However, instead of creating a new wooden mandir design for the home, one can save money by looking for jali designs or old wooden furniture in second hand stores or flea markets and refinishing them.

5. Modern Pooja Rooms with Glass

Since the pooja/puja room is often included in the corner of a living room or a hall, it’s essential that the style matches the overall modern theme in the area.

6. The role of Lighting in Pooja Rooms

Like with other areas in the house, the lighting system in the pooja room dictates its elegance. When one is looking for ideas for small pooja room designs, clever illumination can be the solution that distracts from the limited area available for the pooja area. Since the pooja area should have a tranquil vibe, it’s best to stay away from focus lights or spotlights and instead opt for ambient lighting with jali designs. The objective of lighting in the pooja room should be to highlight the focal points such as the idols, without overpowering the room with brightness.

7. Choosing idols for Pooja Rooms

The idols in the pooja room must be in proportion with the area. A large idol is fine in a big pooja room but will look out of place in a small one. It’s all right to have idols of different gods and goddesses but avoid placing more than one idol of the same god as this is a guideline prescribed by Vastu Shastra. Ensure that the idols and images are in good condition and free from cracks or blemishes. Avoid arranging idols from old temples in the pooja room at home.

Just like in any other room, the pooja room needs a stunning element that makes it unique. Explore the various possibilities, whether it’s a colourful mural, a tile inlay or pooja room door designs with bells. Choose wisely based on the element that is best suited to the size and the style of the home.

As pooja mandir is such an integral part of home, therefore the markets these days also offer a variety of Pooja Mandirs which can be purchased online too.

Online availability of Pooja Mandirs for Home

There is a lot of variety of online pooja mandirs from home
One of the most trustable online websites for pooja mandirs for home is the DZYN Furnitures.
DZYN Furniture offers a wide range of Pooja Mandirs for home.
There are a number of their designs available on their websites , but some of their very unique and admirable wooden temple for home big size are given below-

Antarusya large pooja mandir without door available in teak gold color at very reasonable price at

Sunanda Bhawan medium pooja mandir wall mount / floor rested wooden temple (Brown Gold) available at

Divine palace large floor rested Pooja Mandap ( Teak Gold) available at

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