Which Wood is Best for Home Temple ?

A temple is a place where people worship their lords and pay their regard and love towards them. Worshipping has always been a major part of Indian Culture.
There are several well-known temples in India having great histories. The love for temples and worshipping is so high in Indian people that people not only visit temples, but they also have small temples in their homes.
Because of busy schedules also, visiting temples on a regular basis is also not an easy task . Home temples play a very important role in today’s world as people can easily pay their regards to their lords in spite of the busy schedules. Home temples also help family members to worship as well as spend some quality time together.

When it comes to home temples, a great variety has been available in the market in the form of wood, glass, marble, stone etc.

However, wooden temples are preferred by most of the people as temples made from wood are considered the most valuable as well as the most ideal one. In vastu Shastra also, wooden temples have been given utmost priority especially, the Sheesham Wood.

There are a number of types of woods available in the market like mango wood, teak wood , sheesham wood etc .

Wooden temples for home has a number of advantages, some of them has been mentioned below-

Advantages of Having Wooden Temples for Home-

Brings more peace and prosperity- Wooden temples are considered very auspicious and the idol ones , as even in the vastu shastra , wooden temples for home are highly preferred.

More reasonable than other materials– When it comes to cost also , wooden temples are considered more reasonable than other materials . Wooden temples for home are even more reasonable than the marble temples.

Comes with a great variety – Wooden temples come with a great variety like Sheesham wood, teak wood, mango wood etc. Although Sheesham wood is the most preferred one.

Flexible to use- Wood is a type of material which is highly flexible and we can modify it according to our need and space as generally, most of the houses nowadays are very small that is why wooden temples for homes are highly preferred.

After getting through all the merits of placing wooden temples at home , it becomes very clear that we should prefer wooden temples over any other type of temple. While placing wooden temples at home, a number of things should be kept in mind like-

Precautions to be Taken While Placing Wooden Temples at Home-

  • The location of the temple should be such that it should avoid contact from the bedroom, kitchen as well as the bathroom
  • While constructing the wooden temple, it should be kept in mind that the wooden temple should not be under the stairs.
  • Make sure that all the idols which have been placed in the wooden temple are in the proper form.
  • Generally, east and north positions are considered while placing wooden temples, south direction is specially avoided in the vastu shastras.

These precautions are very important to follow as wooden temples are a very important part of home and if they won’t be placed accordingly, or if anything gets disturbed, it disturbs the whole atmosphere of the house.

Wooden temples have a number of types like Sheesham , Mango, teak etc. and they all come with their own advantages. Let’s go through them at a glance-

Types of Woods for Making Wooden Temples for Home-

  1. Sheesham Wood- Sheesham Wood is considered one of the best qualities of wood for making wooden temples as Sheesham wood can easily be carved and they are highly durable and long lasting . Sheesham woods are available in a number of natural shades which makes it highly versatile.
  2. Mango Wood- Mango wood also comes with a number of great advantages as it is very long lasting as well as it can be carved very easily in any shape. In India , usually mango wood is preferred as it is available the most.
  3. Teak wood- Teak woods are also among the most preferred woods for wooden temples at home as teak wood is highly durable and long lasting along with that it comes with termite resistivity.

After knowing the different types of woods available, it is very important to know the designs of wooden temples available in the market for home , so that we can have a clear mindset about what type of wooden temple for home we are about to purchase-

Temples Placed at Corners- Wooden temples placed at corners in the house are usually preferred in small houses as most of the houses in cities are small, they are highly preferable.

Traditional South Indian Wooden Temple- When it comes to designs, South Indian wooden temples are the best as their designs are the most unique one . South Indian wooden temples are generally designed with heavily carved doors which enhances their beauty.

Wooden Temples with Bells and Grass- Wooden temples with bells and grass are a very good combination as it not only looks authentic but it can be used in a number of ways.

Simple and Small Wall Temples- As in some places, the space is so small that the wooden temples have to be made on the walls . These types of temples are recommended for office space too as generally in offices , the space is very less.

After knowing the different types of designs that can be used for making wooden temples, we can easily choose which type of wooden market we are opting for.
A great variety of wooden temples are also offered by DZYN furniture on their online website. Let’s go through some of their very authentic designs –

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