How To Select The Right Office Chair?

Your office chair defines your position. That’s true !!! It is not only important from professional seating arrangement but the comfort level is equally important for your body. On an average, an employee gives duty for around 9 hour/day on the office chair. Your spine is the backbone of your body and it needs that perfect support while working.  So investing in the right office chair according to your needs is the best option. Invest in the right chair for your employees for better productivity and good results. Get your employees workaholic today by selecting the best office chairs as per their needs.

Make The Perfect Choice for The Right Office Chair!!

Whether you are working from the office or home, you need best back support as you will be sitting on the chair for 8 hours/day. A good posture is the need of the hour. Nowadays, the majority of employees are working from home due to the emerging pandemic. Slouching on the coach is not a good option. It can hamper your work productivity and result in poor work results

An office chair should be the right fit that not only suits your back but also looks professional at the same time. There are many chairs available in the market industry from different brands.

After the well-researched plan, we have come up with a few tips on how to select the right chair for your office.

Let’s take a sneak peak into the types of office chair available today in the market industry.

Boss chair

As the name implies, it is suited to the top management staff in your office. You can identify the boss chair by the design itself which tends to be unique from other types of the office chair. These chairs are expensive yet considered worth investing. These chairs communicate status, power and thus play an important role in business profits. A high graded chair with top-notch quality and frame look and the ergonomic design can be apt and make them look professional.

Key features 

  • A boss provides the supreme position to the working professional
  • It defines power and supremacy and should beth best ergonomics chairs depending on best posture support as he needs to super active and “On the Go”

Executive chairs

When we think about the first thing that comes into our mind about office chairs is “professionalism”.Executive chairs deliver a professional look with a long back and are designed for prolonged use.

Key features 

  • A high back comfort is a great option for the executives who work day in and out to yield productivity.
  • An executive chairs great for long working hours to keep your mental focus and performance at an optimum level.

Executive chairs are with good armrests for your shoulders and wrist while you are typing and working

Computer chairs

Can you pick an office with no computers? Very difficult right !!! . In today’s world, many people are going into digital business with more work done by the employees on computers. With the desktop being common in call centres, this computer chair is the best option for your employees who have to strain their neck and look at the computer while working.

Key features

  • It is best suited for desktop and personal computers at the work office.
  • Many corporates and call centres can benefit from these chair for their employees
  • It is well adjusted according to your desktop
  • It is cost-effective if you want to make a bulk choice

Drafting chairs

Good posture is the sign of a great chair. If you have a standing desk at the office or desk at a higher level like counter-meeting tables, drafting chairs can provide a good support option. It comes with a foot ring for support and adjustable seat height. This usually comes with wheels and circular supportive rings for legs.

Key features

  • Drafting chairs are typically suited to one with higher positioned tables like counter meeting tables. Where there is a perfect room for legs

It can be well adjusted for height depending on your needs.

Ergonomic chairs

They are helpful in reducing the workload of neck, shoulders and back of the employees to keep them hooked up to work for a longer duration. They increase work efficiency and the detailing power of employees as they are super comfortable working in these chairs. An added advantage of this chair is the look which is totally professional and makes it the best choice for your employees.

Key features 

  • It is a perfect choice for employees who are involved in long term working hours.
  • It gives the best of neck rest and takes care of your cervical joint and vertebrae of the neck.
  • A perfect curvature of the office chair is S-shaped for your lumbar or lower back joints
  • It provides good armrest and leg rest for the employees
  • It is value for money

Conference chairs

If your business is engaging in professional presentations with different clients and holding conferences, having a good seating arrangement for your clients in your office can help you crack a deal. Remember “First Impression is the Last Impression”. As long as business clients are comfortable, you can convince them and engage them in long term discussion.

Key features 

  • Conference chairs usually have forward reclines which give you a hint that the client is interested in your talk and your business.
  • Opting for a good conference chair if you have regular meetings and presentations is a must.
  • A chair that defines the sign of success hinting your clientele nod and improving your professional standards

Visitor or reception chair and side chairs 

Side chairs are used for a short period of time. These chairs are with back support and generally have no armrest. Since your visitors will not be sitting for hours, this can be a safe option as a side chair in visitors room or reception.

Key features 

  • Reception or waiting area chairs defines how you welcome your visitors.
  • Keeping it up to the mark and maintaining top-notch quality is very important
  • It is the chair with a standard framework and no adjustment.

Folding chairs

Are you a new start-up with less office space?

A compact office needs to be space-efficient. When it comes to compact offices which have only one cabin and small meeting or waiting room, folding chairs are the best option for the needs. It’s a great space saver. These chairs are usually light in weight and can be remodelled and resigned according to your office needs.

Key features 

  • It can be folded and kept aside when not in use.
  • It is best suited for compact and small offices and cabins.

The right choice of office chair with optimum standards

Bear in mind that the office chairs must maintain a high level of standards which should set apart and define each employee’s productivity. If you can spend long hours on your office chair with dedication,Remember you got the best fit for yourself. So empower all your employees with the best office chair to improve their dedication and quality to work which comes with market productivity.

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