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"Our teakwood rocking chair is pure comfort and elegance. Its smooth motion is soothing, and we love its timeless design. Thanks, Dzyn Furnitures!" - Sneha

"Dzyn Furnitures' teakwood console table is a living room game-changer. Its sleek design complements our decor perfectly. We adore it!" - Arjun and Ayesha

"The teakwood temple from Dzyn Furnitures fills our home with divine energy. Its craftsmanship is breathtaking, and it's a cherished symbol of devotion. Thank you, Dzyn Furnitures!" - Ravi and Priya

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What is a Pooja Mandap?

A Pooja Mandap is a renowned name for big sized pooja mandirs typically in an almirah shape with big storage beneath the pooja area. A Pooja Mandap contains big pooja area along with huge storage space mostly beneath the pooja area divided into drawers and storage shelves. A Pooja Mandap is a must have for the most spiritual souls, who love to do pooja daily.

A Pooja Mandap is not just a piritual corner, it’s a handicraft teak wood centerpiece that reflects devotion and beings peace to your home. DZYN Furnitures offers an exquisite collection of large sized Pooja Almirahs typically known as Pooja Mandaps. These Pooja Mandaps are designed efficiently to resemble the majestic almirahs for storage topped up with a big pooja space with dedicated dhoop tray, light provisions, and fully customisable post purchase.

Why Choose Large Pooja Mandirs?

  • Space and Presence: Our large-sized pooja mandirs almirahs or typicalls known as DZYN Furnitures Pooja Mandap are placed prominently on the floor and provide ample pooja space for various ritualistic accessories and deities. They are ideal for those who have dedicated prayer rooms or ample space in their living areas. The large size ensures there is enough room for various deities.
  • Design and Craftsmanship: Made from the finest teak wood that are handcrafted by skilled men to give the shape of a Pooja Mandap, each piece boasts durability and an aesthetic appeal that enhances the sacredness of your prayer space. The Natural Teak Grains visible after the final finish, highlights the hardworkship of the team, who builds every pooja mandap putting their heart and soul into.
  • Functionality Meets Aesthetics: DZYN Pooja Mandap come equipped with storage options, including drawers and shelves, making them practical for storing pooja essentials like incense, lamps, and religious texts. Beyond the spiritual utility, these Pooja Mandaps are equipped with practical storage solutions This feature ensures that everything you need for your rituals is neatly organized and within reach.
  • Customization and Personalization: Understanding that every individual’s spiritual needs and home decor preferences differ, DZYN Furnitures offers customizable options for each Pooja Mandap. From the wood finish to the size and additional features, each piece can be tailored to meet specific requirements, ensuring it complements your home perfectly.
  • Aesthetic Integration into Modern Homes: Designed to blend with a variety of home decor styles, from traditional to contemporary, these Pooja Mandaps serve as both spiritual and decorative pieces. Whether you are looking for a piece that stands out or one that blends in, the versatility of our designs ensures perfect harmony with your existing decor.

Have any questions ?

Q1. What sizes are available in your large pooja mandirs?

Large Pooja Mandirs or Pooja Mandaps are available in minimum 5ft tall x 2ft width, and they goes upto 7ft tall x 4ft width. Apart, you may also order custom sizes.

Q2. Can I customize the finish and carvings on my pooja mandir?

We do accept customise orders to match the interior of your space.

Q3. What materials are used in the construction of DZYN Furnitures' pooja mandirs?

At DZYN Furnitures, we use only authentic TEAK WOOD and Commercial Ply for manufacturing.

Q4. How do I care for a large wooden pooja mandir?

For complete details on care, pls refer to dzynfurnitures.com/pages/care-tips.

Q5. Are installation services provided for large pooja mandirs?

We provide Installation and After Sales Services on 19000+ Pincode in India.

Q6. What is the average delivery time for a pooja mandap?

We usually takes 7-10 business days to delivery a pooja mandir.

Q6. Can the pooja mandirs be dismantled and moved?

Since the Pooja Mandap is made up from solid wood, it cannot be dismantled.

Q7. Do you offer international shipping for large pooja mandirs?

Yes, we offer international shipping for Pooja Mandap. For more information, pls visit dzynfurnitures.com/international.

Q8. Is there a warranty on your pooja mandirs?

Yes, we offer 1 year Warranty against Manufacturing Defects. For more information, pls visit dzynfurnitures.com/warranty.

Q9. Can I see the pooja mandir in a showroom before purchasing?

We are a Direct to Consumer Brand, who ships directly from Factory to end consumer, with absolutely no middle men, so as to deliver the best art pieces to you at the most optimum price.

Q10. What are the shipping costs associated with large pooja mandirs?

We cover the entire costs till delivery in the prices displayed. There is absolutely no additional charges to be paid by you.

Q11. Can I request additional storage features in my pooja mandir?

We do accept custom orders. For more details, you may check out dzynfurnitures.com/custom-orders.

Q12. Can I place LED lights inside the pooja mandir?

We have made provision to attach light in a pooja mandir. You may attach the same at your end.

Q13. Is assembly required upon delivery, or do they come pre-assembled?

80% of the temple is pre installed. Only unpacking and basic installation is required after delivery.

Q14. How do I contact customer service for specific questions not listed here?

We are available on all business days from 11am to 5pm on info@dzynfurnitures.com or 00 91 85699 68780(WA)