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DZYN Furnitures Buy in Bulk Program offers the most competitive pricing and dedicated services for those who want to buy and resell Authentic Teak Wood Furniture in large quantities. Our Buy in Bulk program offers competitive pricing and dedicated service. Please review the FAQs below for more information about our bulk buying options.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies as a bulk purchase at DZYN Furnitures?

Any Invoice which involved 5 or more quantities of a single SKU is eligible for special pricing of Buy in Bulk, or if the Total Cart Value crossed Rs. 3.00 lacs

How do I initiate a bulk purchase order?

Bulk Purchase discounted pricing are not displayed over website. You may add the products to cart, and contact us on or 00 91 85699 68780 for additional discounts of Buy in Bulk Program.

Can I buy different products in bulk?

Absolutely, you can mix and match different products to qualify for bulk purchase discounts, as long as the total order meets our bulk order Total Value criteria.

Is there a minimum order value or quantity to qualify for bulk pricing?

Yes, in value the amount should exceed Rs. 3.00 lacs or in quantity a single sku should exceed 5 units. If any of the above condition is satisfied, Buy in Bulk Program will be activated.

How long will it take to process a bulk order?

Processing times can vary based on the quantity and the specifics of the items ordered. Our team will provide an estimated timeline during the ordering process.

Can I request samples before placing a bulk order?

We do not offer Free samples at this point of time. While you may ask for paid samples at the website price, and if you place a Bulk Order within 1 month of the Sample Delivery, the differential per unit of Website Price and the Price under Buy in Bulk shall be adjusted in your final order.

What are the payment terms for bulk orders?

We typically need atleast 20% advance of the Total Invoice Value with the Order confirmation, and then you may transfer the balance 80% at any point of time before delivery.

Do you share Performa Invoice for Bulk Purchase?

We do offer Performa Invoice for all Bulk Purchase.

Can we place a bulk order online?

We do not process any Order under Buy-in Bulk Program online. They have to be placed after discussion with the Company Officers for special pricing, and Terms of Service.

Are there any hidden costs in bulk purchase?

We strive for transparency in all our dealings.

Do you offer a warranty on bulk purchase?

We do offer standard warranty under Buy-in-Bulk Program.

Can I return bulk purchased items?

Returns on bulk orders are handled on a case-by-case basis, and sometimes vary from website standard return policy, depending on the reasons for return and the condition of the goods. Buy-in-Bulk sometimes need customisation, where the Return Policies become ineligible.

Do you offer customised Furniture in bulk?

We do offer customised Items under Buy-in-Bulk Program.

Who do I contact if there are issues with my bulk order?

For any issues you may write on or 00 91 85699 68780

Is financing available in bulk purchase?

Yes, Financing is available under bulk purchase, but have to be informed in advance if you want to go for No-Cost EMI, as the Final Quotation may change with change in Payment options.

Can I schedule deliveries for a future date?

Yes, you may schedule deliveries for a reasonable future date, but have to be informed in advance before the manufacturing starts. Intimation made beyond production or after shipping is chargeable for demurrage.

Do you provide installation services for bulk orders?

Yes, we do offer complete installation and unpackaging for all Bulk Orders, conditional we have a service associate in the delivery area. There is no additional charges for the Installation under Buy-in-Bulk Program.

Can international clients place bulk orders?

Yes, we do accept International Orders under Buy-in-Bulk Program.

How are disputes handled in bulk orders?

For all disputes, please inform us on In a case of dispute, we refer to Arbitration as per the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. All disputes are subject to Sonipat (HR) Jurisdiction.

Who can advice detailed product advice for bulk buying?

Our Dedicated Product specialist are available in Business Hours to provide you detailed advice, and assist you make the best choices for your bulk business needs. Simply drop an email on and we will contact you

"Our teakwood rocking chair is pure comfort and elegance. Its smooth motion is soothing, and we love its timeless design. Thanks, Dzyn Furnitures!" - Sneha

"Dzyn Furnitures' teakwood console table is a living room game-changer. Its sleek design complements our decor perfectly. We adore it!" - Arjun and Ayesha

"The teakwood temple from Dzyn Furnitures fills our home with divine energy. Its craftsmanship is breathtaking, and it's a cherished symbol of devotion. Thank you, Dzyn Furnitures!" - Ravi and Priya