Pooja Graham Large Floor Rested Pooja Mandap with Door (Brown Gold)

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DZYN Furnitures brings spirituality to your home in the form of Pooja Graham Large Floor Rested Pooja Mandap with Door. This Temple is more than a piece of furniture, rather a Masterpiece of 100% Handcrafted artwork which goes through the tediously long process of manufacturing, where each piece of the temple is made with utmost care and brought together one piece at a time, over a tiresome span of 14 days. This is a 100% Made in India Product made from teak wood and teak ply. The product comes in a Gloss Finish bringing out a more Natural Teak wood feel and look. The artistic design of the Temple makes it the perfect choice for your Home and Office, adding to an environment of devotion and worship, making sure that you come back to it each day for your time with God
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